School House Gardens
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Maggies Pick of the Week

 Maggie is turning one this year and has discovered her love of vegetables! She loves sampling all the veggies and especially loves helping in the garden. Check back weekly to get Maggie's best pick!
So here we are on Memorial Day, planting like crazy.
We have added 80 raspberries, planted everything from tomatoes to squash, pumpkins, soybeans, pickles, cuccumbers, more lettuce, more radishes, the list just goes on and on,
Maggie is learning to walk up and down the rows of veggies without trampling the plants. amazing!
And the biggest, best news. The blueberries are doing fabulous. Berries are forming and lots and lots of new growth.!
We should be picking berries by mid June. Look for fresh blueberries at the Village Point farmers market!
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